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Singapore Daphne Ang Ming Li Naked Pictures
♠ 22 Capricorn 2k9, Thor's Day ♣

Let’s get the salients out of the way – her name is Daphne Ang Ming Li. She’s a Singaporean. She’s a gymnast. Her father is a lawyer. She appears naked, nude, topless and flexible in many many pictures online.

All of which would be very,very interesting. If she were pretty.

I’m sure some, possibly lots, of people think so; I just think she must have a really winning personality.

Since my firm moral sense forbids me to post pictures that offend my aesthetic taste (“chio bo?”), and I understand there’s a very good chance you came here looking for some nipples, here is, instead, a picture of Gillian Chung.

Gillian Chung Topless Edison Chen
(photo credit: Edison Chen)

If you really want to see Daphne Ang Ming Li naked, you can stop reading and continue your search elsewhere. Thanks for stopping by.

That said, this post is about this New Paper article, talking about Daphne Ang’s nude pictures.

Firstly, is there anyone outside the media (and those with medium aspirations) who uses the word “netizen”? And am I the only one who thinks it’s a stupid word? How do you do, good netizen?

I like portmanteau-buzzwords as much as the next guy (for a given value of “next”), but it’s just so ugly, isn’t it? So hard.

Anyhow, the headline goes “S’pore model’s nude photos HIJACKED” and, then –

Singaporean model Daphne Ang, 22, is the latest to have her pictures hijacked and posted on an overseas-hosted website.

The online pictures were taken for publication in Met Art, a US-registered erotica website.

Right. What I want to know is, WHERE IS THE FUCKING HIJACKING?

Hijacking, as I understand it, involves terrorists and planes, pirates and ships, thieves and cars, spammers and computers or an informal social greeting and someone named Jack (or variant thereof).

How are photos taken for an erotica website being reposted “hijacking”? Is the reposter claiming he took the pictures? Why, no, no he is not.

Unless the writer means a violation of copyright?

If so, there is a fair number of unattributed quotations in that article alone, much less the other papers in SPH’s stable. Hijackers calling hijackers “hijackers”?

Also, since when is our media interested in protecting the intellectual property of foreign companies dealing in a product that is illegal in Singapore?

Or, possibly, do they mean hijacking in the way that Edison Chen (God bless him) had his treasure trove of celebrity porn spread across the net? Because, firstly, that’s just “stolen” and, far more importantly, that didn’t happen here.

Let’s be clear, Daphne Ang does not own the rights to those pictures. They were taken with the intention that they would be seen by lots of people. She was a paid model. She had no expectation of privacy.

Even if you consider this “news”, the headline is not just misleading, it is downright wrong. Say NO to casual text!

Why isn’t the Speak Good English Movement doing anything about this flagrant disregard for accuracy? Thou shalt not bend words beyond their ken.

SPH is going on the list of Big Companies that Defy the Government and Get Away with It.

Currently, the list includes –

     ♥ SPH
     ♥ Mediacorp
     ♥ Whoever churns out Playworks
     ♥ MINDEF
     ♥ The Speak Good English Movement

A plague on all your houses, you perpetrators of criminally negligent Anglocide.

Tan Yong Soon, Charles Chong

I think a man is entitled to take his holidays and spend his money however he wishes. That is not the issue here, and those that are saying that we think it is are just portraying us as petty, as, in Mandarin, xiaoren (literal translation: “lesser mortals”).

What is the issue is the manner in which Tan Yong Soon broadcasted his holiday (via our only broadsheet), the almost-satirical nature of that holiday (studying French cooking in France! – what rarefied circles you must move in to tell people that that is your holiday plan and not get a incredulous reply of “Really?!”), the condescending and flippant tone of his “easy to take five weeks off” comment, and the timing. Oh the timing! Not that we’ve been recession-free this last decade, but choosing the worst recession in seventy years to do this? He must be one kind of stupid, which possibly explains the ease with which he can disappear from work for extended periods.

And note that I have not read the offending article. I find it more likely that I would find sentences more damning than redeeming.

All of this totals up to “Let them eat cake” – a phrase not just about the elite being far removed from reality, but also – and here I think Tan Yong Soon must appreciate the delicious irony – with its origin from the French (about French cooking!). You will not fail to notice how that story ends (hint: guillotine).

His bosses knew how all this looked, and chided him. Was it “harsh”? Yes, it was, and well it should be. Though the fact that it’s harsh – over what is, at most, inappropriate behaviour. Inappropriate, mind you, not unethical, certainly not illegal. – brings to mind the Great Escape and subsequent “moving on”, as well as Dr Gratitude Teo. It sends a message – rightfully – that such behaviour will not be tolerated in the civil service. It also sends the message – unfortunately – that not all civil servants are equal.

Apropos Charles Chong’s “lesser mortals” comment – “Lesser mortals” is a figure of speech, nothing more. Should he have used it? Probably not, and, almost certainly, a politician should be expected to politick. Even so, to be overly outraged at his choice of words is, mayhaps, to be overly sensitive.

The rest of his comments, however, smacks of the same elitist rubbish of Tan Yong Soon. Thusly, be outraged, just not based on “lesser mortals” alone.

What I find most amusing about the article – an angle I had to edit out of my earlier post – were the words bandied about by the Powers That Be. Words like “decorum and humility”, “solidarity and empathy”. The beautiful irony was that Charles Chong just went and trampled all over those words.

(The American journey) has not been the path for the faint-hearted, for those who prefer leisure over work, or seek only the pleasures of riches and fame.

On a related note, I seem to be building up quite the catalogue of, well, alternate identities for our government (and some who want to be our government). I’m considering creating a “quick link” page, perchance a gallery of some sort.

Yes, you just read political commentary – with barely any sniping! – under the title of “Singapore Daphne Ang Ming Li Naked Pictures”.

That, you must admit – oh! you must – is why I so totally rock.

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